What our customers say ...

Sislena - Education Sector
Washington State
Lydia - Founder - Banish Business Clutter
North Carolina
Sarah - Founder - Love Well LLC​
Mary Kate - Content Marketing Coach
Maria - Education Sector
New Zealand

I can’t speak highly enough of Colleen and Paul.

Not only are they absolute geniuses at tech and the work they do…they are so friendly, approachable and thoughtful.

They have helped me fine tune my lead magnet and created a beautiful lead generation funnel with all integrations with Active Campaign tested and done.

I truly don’t think my untech brain would have been able to do this without their very patient and encouraging guidance.
Nothing was ever too much or a problem.

They genuinely care for their clients and want to see them succeed.

Thank you so much…I am very grateful to you both.

Ray - Market Trading Educator
Hong Kong

Would I hire The Honest Tech Company?


I cannot speak too highly of the high regard in which I hold Colleen and Paul. I am a tech neophyte.

Undoubtedly, I must have driven them crazy with my inability to execute what must have been to them the simplest of actions.

Nevertheless, throughout the campaign, they displayed only care, consideration and patience.

Speaking of the campaign, it was a huge success! Much of that success needs to be accredited to their expertise.

The fact that I immediately sought to engage the services after the first campaign terminated will tell you the high regard in which I hold them.

Sam - RTT Therapist

Colleen and Paul are truly amazing people to work with.

I was stuck when it came to building a funnel and email list.

I knew I needed one, but I had tried to do this on my own and had nearly ended up in tears!

From the moment I met them, I felt completely supported and that the work they were doing for me mattered.

They put their heart and soul into this business to ensure that you have a great outcome.

If you are looking for help with your funnel and automation, get in touch with them.

You will love them!.

Katariina - Therapist

Colleen and Paul helped me to integrate various parts of our company into one well-oiled machine.

They were there to teach us to do things ourselves so that in the long run we don’t depend on any company to do this work and even provided us with videos that showed exactly what to do.

I love the way they teach. They are very empathetic and make you believe in your abilities instead of putting you down like some other companies.

Paul and Colleen work with you until you are 100% happy with the results and even after the work is done they send you and email asking how things are going.

I love their approach.

They never try to force you to buy anything.

They shower you with invaluable information and support constantly in their emails and posts.

I can’t recommend them enough!