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What kinds of businesses do you work with?

You could be a brick and mortar or online business. We've had both so understand the nuances well! If you need to integrate a third party partner like a warehouse or customer service team we've got you covered. Just tell us who and how they fit into your business and we'll do the rest.

What would it be like to work with you?

As former corporate project professionals, we are well-acquainted with effective processes (minus the excessive bureaucracy typical of corporate environments). We will do a requirements gathering exercise to see what the current state of play is. Then we'll need to understand your goals and what you're trying to achieve. From there we can work out the best solution, come up with a design to walk through with you and share the vision for next steps. You can either build it with us or build it with someone else of your choosing. If you have your own dev team that might be a better option for you, however most of our clients get us to do the work.

What kinds of projects have you done in the past?

We have helped businesses migrate from multiple systems into one, streamlining their emailing, social media, calendar bookings, purchases and lead management, making them all accessible in one platform.

We have built sales funnels, helped online businesses grow their lists, host their digital courses online and build seamless onboarding solutions.

We've built websites and automated customer journeys including integrating with distribution partners for seamless delivery and tracking. Working with ecom platforms is no stranger since we have had multiple Shopify stores ourselves.

In our corporate days we worked on digital media projects to develop apps for TV across Europe and Australisia, switched out entire operations, manufacturing, distribution and sales platforms and processes across some of Australia's biggest FMCG companies and banking organizations.

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely - honesty and integrity are at the forefront of our values. We will work with you until you are happy with the end solution and guarantee our work for a 6 month period post delivery (assuming you don't alter it at all). If anything goes wrong we're just a message away, no matter where we are in the world.

Can we retain your services on a monthly basis to give us peace of mind?

Yes indeed, just ask us what you'd like help with and we'll tell you if it's something we can support on an ongoing basis.

What kinds of systems do you work with?

Obviously we can't be experts in all systems, so we have our own - The Honest Tech Toolkit. It's an all in one marketing tool that is a wonderful foundational app for all the core components of your business, including customer management, sales, lead gen, social media and calendar scheduling. We will work with your systems if we can - if it's not something we've worked with before we won't learn it but can integrate other systems with it and test the final solution at the end to make sure the customer journey still works well. It all depends on what you need. The best way is to ask us and to have that initial consult to talk through your project.

I see you're travelling, what time zone do you work in?

We keep hours to suit our clients. If we need to have early morning calls we will. If we need to meet later, that's fine too. We are grateful to have a business that is so fluid we make it work no matter where we are in the world. Our clients are all over the globe and we love it! If we can't align times we have other ways to communicate with our clients. As you can see from our testimonials, we really support our clients. Time is not going to be an issue.

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